Citizens for the Defence of Sovereignty (CDS) is a registered non-profit, non-government movement whose main object is “to embrace and promote the concept of sovereignty of peoples and the struggle for freedom, justice and equality as integral and necessary components thereof”.

The most urgent object of the movement today is “to promote education and information about the history of Guatemala’s Claim to Belize and to take all necessary measures to bring it to an end with full respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Belize”.

This objective is particularly important and urgent today because on 10 April 2019, a referendum will be held in Belize in which the electorate will vote YES or NO to the question of whether or not to submit the Guatemalan claim to final determination by the International Court of Justice.

YES for Belize.

We encourage you to read and share our zines on the referendum, here:


Our Maritime Areas and the ICJ Zine

CDS Study Guide on the ICJ Referendum (English)

CDS Study Guide on the ICJ Referendum (Spanish)